English Sunday Times Is Blocked By Two Who Feared Exposure Of Business Relationship

Denis oBrienWord has quickly come that businessmen Denis O’Brien and Paddy McKillen is none too happy at all with the English Sunday Times.

The paper had been doing for some time an intensive investigation of the men and their complex business relationship. The investigation was to be brought to the public attention, detailed in the paper some time very soon.

Well it was till an emergency High Court hearing started quietly on Friday (reportedly lasting for seven hours). The end result is that  Judge Colm MacEochaidh granted an order to the businessmen prohibiting publication of a Sunday Times findings.

Although O’Brien for the moment appears to have silenced the paper and what it found,  MacEochaidh still gave out to O’Brien it appears for making “contemptible” comments about Judge Michael Moriarty (remember the tribunal he chaired that made negative findings about O’Brien in 2011?).

The Times is stating that there is a clear public interest in the information the newspaper intended to publish.

A full trial of the case is due to go ahead in six weeks.

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